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How to Spruce up Your Garage

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When you walk through a model home, you notice all of the things that your house is not, which can be a bit frustrating. One area of your house that you may wish looked like a model home is your garage. Although you park your car in your garage and probably use it to store a bunch of things, that doesn’t mean that it can’t still look really nice. From adding a new floor to having it drywalled, there are a few things that you can do. Read More»

Keep Up With Maintenance By Choosing The Right Hardwood Flooring

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Taking your time shopping for hardwood flooring can help you spot the differences between how durable some options can be. While the most durable flooring can be appealing, it can often increase the cost for the project.   While you’ll need to make sure that the price is appropriate for your budget, you’ll need to see what you can do to avoid time-consuming maintenance that could be necessary with some lower-quality hardwood flooring. Read More»

4 Luxury Flooring Solutions For Your Basement Remodeling Project That Will Be Resistant To Water Damage

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If you are planning are remodeling your basement, there are a lot of things to consider about the design. You want to design mechanical systems that help keep water away and use materials for finishes that are more resistant to water damage. The floors are one of the most important areas to consider, and you want luxury floors that look great and help protect your basement from problems with water. The following basement flooring materials are some of the luxury flooring solutions that you can use for water-resistant solutions in your basement: Read More»

What To Know Before Installing Marble Floors

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Marble is a natural stone known for its beauty. It’s also commonly used as flooring in kitchens, bathrooms, entryways, and in other areas of the home. Marble is a versatile flooring material and even more durable than you may think. However, there are a few things to keep in mind when determining whether or not marble is the right choice for your home. Here are three things that you need to know before you commit to marble flooring. Read More»