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Keep Up With Maintenance By Choosing The Right Hardwood Flooring

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Taking your time shopping for hardwood flooring can help you spot the differences between how durable some options can be. While the most durable flooring can be appealing, it can often increase the cost for the project.  

While you'll need to make sure that the price is appropriate for your budget, you'll need to see what you can do to avoid time-consuming maintenance that could be necessary with some lower-quality hardwood flooring.

Opt for the Hardest Wood You Can Afford

When you're looking for hardwood flooring that will remain in the very best condition over the years, it's important to choose the hardest wood that will be durable against scratches and most damage. By being careful to choose harder hardwood flooring, you'll be spending more money initially, but will notice that less maintenance and repairs will be needed over the years.

Oak, cedar, fir, and other traditional wood used for flooring can last for decades after installing, but can come with a higher price tag compared to something like laminate. Being aware of the difference in durability and the maintenance expected can help you feel better about the work involved.

Consider the Frequency of Maintenance

As you take a look at different hardwood flooring you can have installed, you'll notice that some require frequent polishing and new coats of stain to keep looking their best. When visiting a retailer to purchase hardwood flooring, it's smart to ask questions about what kind of flooring will last the longest without frequent maintenance.

Getting familiar with the maintenance that's going to be needed can ensure that you won't run into an issue where the flooring is going to be time-consuming to keep in the best condition.

Carefully Choose the Board Width

Along with simply making sure that the hardwood flooring is high-quality, you'll want to make sure that the width between the boards fits what you want for your flooring. Since dirt and grime can get caught between the floorboards, you'll want to make sure that the flooring has the right size for the maintenance you want.

Long planks, in the 5-8 inch range, can have fewer gaps where mess can build up. If it fits into your budget, fewer, high-quality planks will need less maintenance over time.

Taking your time when picking out hardwood flooring is so important since you don't want to end up in a situation where you're unhappy with the investment for your home. For more information about hardwood flooring and hardwood refinishing, contact a local flooring company.