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Design Trends to Choose for Your New House

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When you are building or gutting your house, there are tons of decisions that you have to make which can be overwhelming. Because you want to choose finishes in your home that are timeless and chic, you don't want to rush the decision-making process. Luckily, there are a few trends that are happening right now in interior design that are worth using as inspiration for your own home. 

Off White Walls

While white walls have been a popular choice among homeowners for the past several years, colors are starting to warm up a little bit more, and wall colors are leaning more towards an off-white or creamy color. The nice thing about going with an off-white wall is that even if you go with white kitchen cabinets, your entire space won't feel so stark or cold. 

Light Oak Hardwood Flooring

One trend that never seems to go out of style is hardwood flooring, but the sheen and color is something that is always changing. While laminate flooring is much more affordable than solid hardwoods, you can't sand them down and change out the stain color.

When you are choosing the stain and the type of wood for your new house, consider going with something like French white oak hardwood flooring. This type of light wood flooring in a matte sheen is especially popular right now because it will really brighten up the space and make it look like new. 

Light Wood Cabinets

If you are redoing your bathroom and your kitchen, light oak cabinets are a fun trend to consider as well. Although you may have light oak wood floors, having light cabinets can still go with them. When you are choosing a stain for your floor and your cabinets, you can try to match them so that they are close enough in shade but not identical in color. If you want to break up the light wood on your floors and cabinetry, consider making your island a different color like a white or a light grey. 

Black and White Checkered Flooring

Checkered flooring is a trend that has come and gone in popularity over the past century, but its' starting to come back again. While hardwood floorings throughout your home may be ideal, you may not want wood in your bathroom where you get a lot of moisture. Instead, consider going with a black and white checkered flooring to give off a classic look.