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Increasing Your Home Value Using Hickory Flooring

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Many people find hardwood flooring appealing. As a result, Money claims it can increase your home value by as much as 3 to 5 percent. You need to choose a suitable wood for what you have in mind to make the most of this opportunity. Hickory is an excellent option grown right here in North America. It can be perfect if you're looking for something eye-catching yet long-lasting.

What Are Some Reasons You Should Ask Your Hardwood Flooring Supply Company About Hickory Flooring?

Here are some reasons hardwood floors made of hickory are good at raising your home value:


The Wood Database states that pecan hickory has a Janka hardness score of 1820. That makes it one of the most durable woods native to the United States. For comparison, red oak has a score of 1290, while white oak has a score of 1360. Meanwhile, maples can range from 700 to 1450. A high Janka hardness score is desirable if you want your hardwood flooring to be impact-resistant, which is particularly important in the kitchen and other places with high foot traffic. You want to avoid anything too easily-damaged because that makes it much easier for your renovation to lose its value.

Somewhat Water-Resistant

Hardwoods are porous. Thanks to that, they can soak up spilled water, thus leading to various complications. For example, they can warp. Similarly, they can become discolored. It's even possible for hardwoods to grow mold and mildew because of excess moisture. Hickory's hardness makes it more resistant to these effects than most hardwoods. It isn't waterproof. Still, you can expect it to do better in humid environments than many of its counterparts, thus protecting your investment.

Low Maintenance

Keeping your home in tip-top condition takes time and effort. You can save yourself some labor by choosing low-maintenance materials. Hickory's hardness makes it easy to clean and maintain.

Distinctive Appearance

One of the issues with tougher hardwoods is that they're harder to stain. This isn't an insurmountable problem. However, you can expect to pay more because of the extra time and effort needed to stain tougher hardwoods. Hickory is convenient because it already has a distinctive appearance. Some of this comes from the unique grain patterns, while the rest comes from the wood's natural color variation. Large hickory planks are a popular way to impress visitors by showing this detail to full effect.

Expensive But Not Too Expensive

Increasing home value isn't about choosing the most expensive renovations. Instead, you want something that offers good value relative to its cost. Hickory strikes a balance between these two priorities. On the one hand, it is a premium material more prized than oak and other conventional choices. On the other hand, it isn't as expensive as more exotic hardwoods from overseas because it's grown right here in North America. Due to this, you might find hickory convenient if you want to make your home look good without splurging too much.

Further Considerations

Your hardwood flooring supply company can tell you everything you want to know about hickory and other hardwoods. Expertise can help people make sense of even the most confusing choices. As a result, you shouldn't hesitate to ask questions of your hardwood flooring supplier until you're ready to renovate.

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