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Hardwood Floor Refinishing — Keys To Beautiful Results

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If you have hardwood floors in your home and they've seen better days, you may want to refinish them at some point. Then you can improve their aesthetics and avoid a costly replacement. If you plan to perform this renovation yourself, follow these protocols to the letter.

Invest in an Automatic Sander

Before you can apply a new finish on your hardwood floors, you'll first need to sand down the top surface. To do this with ease and added safety, you can invest in an automatic sander. It's easy to use and comes with a bunch of features that will help with this refinishing project.

For instance, you can get an automatic sander that comes with a dust collection system. This way, you can sand all of your hardwood floors without putting your respiratory system through a lot. 

See if Any Floor Sections Need to Be Secured Down

Over time, some sections of your hardwood floors may become loose. You need to check for this before you proceed to refinish your hardwood floors because floorboards that remain secure will help you get better results.

You just need to go through your hardwood floors, checking each section at a time for looseness. You can then secure down loose sections with fasteners. Once you ensure each section is secure, you can start applying a new finish and trust it will adhere the way it's supposed to.

Select the Appropriate Color For the Stain

So that you're totally satisfied with how your refinishing results turn out for residential hardwood floors, you need to select the right color for the stain. You have plenty of options today, including dark browns and vibrant reds. Before you make your selection, go through your home to see what color schemes are already present.

This assessment will help you figure out which stain color will vibe with these existing colors perfectly. You may also want to see what an interior designer thinks. They have a lot of experience and thus can give you color recommendations that you can trust will work out for the best.

If you have older hardwood floors that have scuffs and scratches, it may be time to refinish them. This is a project you can absolutely do yourself. It's just important that you prepare your floors correctly first, use the appropriate tools, and then choose a stain color that can work out for many years. For more information on hardwood flooring refinishing, contact a company near you.