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Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring Ideas For Your Home

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If you want to put new floors in your home, going with luxury vinyl plank flooring might be just the right way to go. You can use this type of flooring in nearly any room of the home since LVP flooring is known to be both water-resistant and good for high traffic areas.

Vinyl planks are versatile in texture, color, and design, so it might be harder to narrow down your options than you originally thought. If you are at a loss as to how to use luxury vinyl plank flooring in your home, use this guide to assist you. You can have your flooring expert also assist you in choosing the best floors for your home based on the budget you have for each room, what you want your new floors to do for your home, and what rooms you want these luxury vinyl plank flooring pieces in.

Choose a main color theme for each room

If you pick a main color for your floors, then you can narrow your options by shade alone. For example, if you want the floors in your kitchen to be black or white, then choosing luxury vinyl plank flooring in a checkered black and white pattern or using a black LVP flooring is a wise choice. If you want a more neutral flooring design, then stick with earthy tones for the living room, bathroom, and other areas of the home where you want the floors to blend from one room to the next.

Choose a main texture for each room

Choosing a texture for each room you are putting luxury vinyl plank flooring in will help narrow down your options as well. Do you want your floors to look like natural stone? Hardwood? Ceramic tile? Marble? Or even mosaic tiles? Choose the LVP flooring planks that will make your floors look amazing and have the texture to match. What makes luxury vinyl plank flooring beneficial to many people who install it is its versatility and price: you can easily have floors that look more expensive than they really are if you choose LVP flooring over other types of flooring.

The best way to enjoy your new luxury vinyl plank flooring is to have your floors installed professionally. This way, your LVP flooring keeps its warranty, looks amazing, and has the best chance of lasting for as long as possible. Even after installation, you need to have your floors regularly maintained to keep them looking and lasting their best; your flooring specialist can put you on their schedule for maintenance.

To learn more, contact a luxury vinyl plank flooring service in your area.