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Find a Balance of Style and Function With Floors for Your Entryway

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Buying new flooring for the entryway to your home can come with questions over what will be the most durable option and how you can improve the appearance of your floors. With the entryway to your home being the first place people see when stepping indoors and there being a lot of mess that will track inside, you'll need to consider all the options for floors.

Compare Durable Options for Flooring

Durability should be your top concern when you shop for new floors to have installed. Since the entryway will get a lot of foot traffic, and heavy items being brought inside when coming in and out, you'll need durable floors.

Rather than feeling stumped on what flooring to pick up, consider the following options and the various benefits that each type of flooring will come with.

  • Ceramic Tile: When you live in a warm climate, tile can be an excellent option since it helps keep temperatures cool. Tile can also be quite easy to keep clean, making it ideal for an entryway.
  • Engineered Hardwood: With hardwood floors, there won't be any concern over the floors looking dated after being installed. More budget-friendly and designed with durability in mind, engineered hardwood can be an excellent option when wood is a feature you would like at home.  
  • Luxury Vinyl: While vinyl has a reputation for being lower quality for lots of foot traffic, you can spend a bit more money on luxury vinyl that lasts. Easy to install and affordable, luxury vinyl can be a great option to use in an entryway.

Choose the Right Color and Pattern

The different options for floors to have installed in your entryway can feel overwhelming, making it best to pick a color and pattern with functionality in mind. Light colors can look clean at first, but can quickly show a lot of mess when you consider the foot traffic.

Picking floors that have a darker color or have patterns can help disguise some mess and will make it easier to enjoy the entryway without as frequent cleaning being needed.  

Shopping for new flooring to install in the entryway of your home can present you with a lot of different options that vary in appearance and value. When your goal is to have floors that will last for a long time without needing cleaning and a lot of maintenance, consider the above recommendations and advice for making the right purchase. Visit floor sales to get a better idea of what's available.