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2 Advantages of Having a Sealed Concrete Floor in Your Kitchen

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Whether you are remodeling your current kitchen or having a new one built, one of your decisions will include the type of material you want for the floor. While tile and linoleum are viable options, you may want to consider the advantages of installing a sealed concrete floor in your kitchen instead.

1.  The Surface Is Highly Resistant to Stains From Spilled Food and Oils

One advantage of having a sealed concrete floor in your kitchen is that the surface is highly resistant to stains. If you were to drop spaghetti sauce or cooking oil on the floor, it will most likely not leave behind any permanent stains, unlike the grout between tiles that is susceptible to staining.

While concrete itself is porous, once a seal has been applied to the surface, the barrier created is almost impenetrable. This feature means that even high-staining substances will not soak into the material, making it easy to wipe clean without fear of marring its appearance.

2.  The Floor Does Not Need Heavy Levels of Maintenance

Another advantage of having a sealed concrete floor in your kitchen is that it does not require any heavy maintenance to keep its appearance clean and like-new. If you were to have tile or linoleum, you would need to pay particular attention to the grouting and seams to ensure that they remain clean and intact.

However, with sealed concrete, the surface is continuous without any seams like those that are found with tile or linoleum. This helps to cut down on the time it takes to clean the floor on a daily or weekly basis.

Also, instead of having to use harsh chemicals to clean the surface, you usually only need a mild detergent when you mop the floor. And, similar to tile or linoleum that needs to be waxed a couple of times a year to keep up its appearance, you can wax a sealed concrete floor to keep it looking shiny every three months or so. This can help to save you time keeping up the appearance of your kitchen floor.

If you are hesitant about installing a concrete floor in your kitchen because you do not like the material's drab color, know that there are many design options from which you can choose so that it will complement the rest of your kitchen decor. For more information about these options as well as further benefits, contact a concrete flooring service near you.