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Typical Myths About Luxury Vinyl Flooring

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Choosing flooring materials for your home can be an incredibly important decision to make. Depending on your choice, you could have a floor that is easy or difficult to take care of, a floor that lasts for years or needs replacing quickly, and a floor that suits your style or doesn't necessarily match. Luxury vinyl flooring is one option you are bound to come across in your search for the best flooring material.

While a highly viable option, this luxury flooring often gets passed over for other materials due to some relatively common myths. Here is a look at the myths about luxury vinyl flooring and the real facts you should know. 

Myth: Luxury vinyl flooring is just an expensive version of regular vinyl flooring

While vinyl flooring made to be luxury in quality is going to be a bit more costly, you are paying for the added quality and not the luxury designation. You end up with a higher quality product that you can enjoy in your home for the years to come. 

Myth: Most luxury vinyl flooring is prone to damage

In general, luxury vinyl is designed to be more durable, less prone to blistering or buckling, and to boast a much more resilient finish. Unlike cheaper vinyl flooring materials, luxury vinyl is usually thick, made from dense materials, and more suitable for use throughout your home. For example, if you want a good water-resilient vinyl in the bathroom, luxury vinyl is a good option because it is better equipped to stand up to moisture. 

Myth: You can't install luxury vinyl flooring over a wood floor

Luxury vinyl flooring can be installed over pretty much any hard surface subfloor, including wood. If the underlying wood has any issues with warping, buckling, or pitting, however, it will be best to have a new subfloor installed over the existing planks just to create an even surface. Otherwise, the uneven surface can cause issues with the appearance and stability of the luxury vinyl flooring. 

Myth: All luxury vinyl flooring comes in planks

While the plank style of luxury vinyl could easily be deemed as the most popular choice, you can actually get this flooring in an array of different styles. Tiles, sheets, and long strips are all examples. Therefore, if you don't necessarily like the plank versions, you should have no trouble finding luxury-level vinyl that is more suitable for your style or design preferences.

Speak with a professional to discuss your luxury vinyl flooring options.