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Hardwood Floor Refinishing To Make Your Old Hardwoods Look More Modern

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When it is time to refinish your hardwood flooring, there are a lot of options to change the appearance of floors. One of the options you may want to consider for your home is to make the floors more modern. This can be done with borders, laid-in designs, and finish techniques like bleaching. The following hardwood refinishing information will help give your floors a fresh modern look:

Bleaching dark floors for a lighter, brighter finish

In many older homes, hardwood floors have a dark finish, which can make interior design dark and gloomy. Therefore, you may want to brighten up space by bleaching your floors before they are refinished. The process of bleaching hardwood floor is as follows:

  • Remove waxes and wood sealers
  • Use a mixture of caustic soda to bleach wood
  • Start with a test area in a corner and work your way out of the room
  • Allow the caustic soda to cause the chemical bleaching and clean floors

This bleaching process can be used to give hardwood surfaces a lighter color before finishing, which will help brighten the space in your home.

Laid-in details for unique refinishing designs in floors

Another option to consider for your hardwood floors is laid-in details. These are designs and patterns that are cut into the floor, and new wood is laid into these voids to create unique designs and finishes. These laid-in finishes can be great for spaces like foyer entrances.

Custom staining to add colors, patterns, and details to floors

Staining the floors is the biggest step in the process of refinishing hardwood. It is also versatile because it gives you a lot of options to change the color, appearance, and design. If you have breached the wood, unique staining techniques can be used to create custom patterns, stenciled designs, and artistic features.

Borders and unique design patterns to customize floor finishes

There are also options to create borders when installing new hardwood flooring. These borders can be cut out and laid in, or they can be stenciled stains in the finish. The borders around rooms and other spaces in your home will give your floors and attractive custom look that is uniquely personalized with artistic details.

These are some of the things that can help give your hardwood floor finishes a new modern look. Contact a hardwood floor refinishing service and ask them about these solutions to change the look of your floors.