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Love Hardwood Flooring? 3 Ways To Make Your Floors Pop

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Hardwood flooring is the gold standard for hard floors, perfect for entryways, living spaces, and even bedrooms. While you can't go wrong upgrading to natural hardwood floors, you might want to do something a little different with your flooring to make them stand out. Here are three ways to make your floors pop.

1. Mix Up The Color Palette

While many people choose a simple stain to bring out the beauty of their natural hardwood flooring, milky finishes like gray or white are surging in popularity. These colors can make your space feel interesting and modern, so talk with your flooring contractor about your finish options. Choosing black, white, or even gray could really help you to create a beautiful home interior, without making the space look too bold. 

2. Consider Designs

Many people choose to lay their flooring in long, straight planks. However, you can actually mix up flooring installations by opting for a design instead. Herringbone, parquet, or random flooring installations can give your home a little more personality, while still giving your space a natural, beautiful flow. 

If you are installing a patterned hardwood floor, keep in mind that installation may take significantly longer than if you just went with straight, parallel planks. However, the results are worth it. High-end floors offer loads of character and visual interest, creating a beautiful environment for your family. 

3. Think About An Interesting Border

To give your flooring a high-end touch of something a little different, think carefully about installing a border around the entire interior perimeter. Borders can be installed in a slightly different wood shade, giving your floor dimension and interest. When you have a border installed, be mindful of the fact that it will highlight the rooms, and could look overly complicated if the walls of your home have complex corners or interesting contours. If you want your home to have a little visual pop without too much, choose a wood color that is slightly different from what the body of the flooring will be. 

If you are thinking seriously about replacing your floors, think about what you would need to do to prepare the area for installers. Clear entrances and exits, remove all furniture from your space, and focus on understanding the process. Understand that in many cases, baseboards will need to be removed and then replaced, so think about what profile you would want. 

Reach out to a residential hardwood flooring service to learn more.