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Tips For Installing Flooring In Your Kitchen

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The biggest trend in kitchen flooring, and a trend that has remained the same for years, is wood flooring that extends from your kitchen throughout your house. When you have one type of cohesive flooring throughout your main living space, it makes it look more uniform, custom, and inviting.

The tricky thing about having a wood flooring or wood alternative like linoleum that looks like wood is that it's not necessarily waterproof. With dishwashers, refrigerators, and sinks all in one area in your kitchen, it can put your floors at risk of getting damaged. Before you have just any type of wood flooring installed, there are a few tips for you to consider talking to your flooring professional about. 

Have Water-Resistant Adhesive Used

If you are having traditional wood flooring installed in your kitchen, then one thing to know about it is that if water gets underneath it, it can cause it to warp, which means you will have to have it completely torn out to fix it. A solution to this problem is to have your flooring glued down with a water-resistant flooring adhesive; that way if water does get underneath all of the wood floorboards, it is less likely to interfere with the glue and cause any type of warping. 

Have Water-Resistant Flooring Installed

Laminate flooring that looks like real wood is all the rage right now because it looks high end but is a fraction of the cost. The only thing to consider about laminate flooring is that it's not waterproof. In fact, when water gets underneath, it can warp in the same way that wood can. Luckily, there's an alternative that looks almost identical to laminate except that it's water-resistant: LVT or luxury vinyl tile.

This type of flooring is considered to be way more water-resistant because it actually has pads built into the floor which help to absorb moisture as soon as the water comes into contact with it. So, if you have a big dishwasher leak in your kitchen, you can just place big fans on the floor without having to tear it out. 

The last thing that you want is to spend tens of thousands of dollars on flooring only to have it ruined a few years later by some water damage. Talk to your flooring professional about using water-resistant flooring adhesive or luxury vinyl tile before you have new flooring professionally laid.