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Ways To Use Ceramic Tile In A Small Bathroom

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Ceramic tile flooring is an excellent choice for a bathroom floor. Moisture can't penetrate it. Stains don't stick around. Bacteria and bad smells can't seep into its surface. If you choose to install ceramic tile flooring in your bathroom, there are plenty of options, and they can do wonders for a small bathroom. Read on for some ideas for exciting ceramic tiles to install in your bathroom floor. 

Use Light Colors

White ceramic tile on your bathroom floor, and even on the bathroom walls, will make a small bathroom look larger. White tiles make a bathroom seem more open and are an excellent choice for a cramped space. 

Use a Chevron Pattern

Thin and long rectangular tiles placed in a chevron pattern are a wonderful choice for a small bathroom. The chevron pattern helps elongate the look of the bathroom and can make it feel larger than it really is. 

Use Large Tiles

When renovating a bathroom, many people with small bathrooms think that they have to use small tiles or risk overwhelming the space. Homeowners with small bathrooms don't have to shy away from large tiles. Sometimes large tiles can trick the eye into thinking a space is larger than it actually is. 

Use the Same Tile

Homeowners often use a different style of tile in the shower than the tile they use on the floor. If the tile on the floor carries over into the shower, however, it makes the bathroom appear larger because contrasting shower tile will not act as a visual interruption. 

Use High Contrast

Add visual interest to your small bathroom by decorating with high contrast colors. If you cover your floor with white tiles, consider painting the walls a dark color. If you have dark tiles, consider using a light color on the walls. 

Don't Forget About the Walls

Installing tile on the walls of your small bathroom can make it feel larger. Avoid using glossy tiles on a bathroom floor, but if you put glossy tiles on the wall, they'll bounce light around and make the bathroom appear larger. Another wall tile option to consider is installing floor to ceiling tiles on an accent wall, such as behind the sink and mirror. Floor to ceiling tiles elongate the room and make the ceiling appear higher than it actually is. Avoid installing floor to ceiling tiles in the entire bathroom, however. A bathroom with completely tiled bathroom walls can sometimes feel claustrophobic. 

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