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There's More To Carpets Than Color

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Choosing new carpets is a fun way to spruce up your home. Not only can you get rid of the old, faded, and worn-out carpets that you're currently living with, but you can also bring in a splash of new color. While picking attractive colors that fit your home's existing décor is crucial, it's not the only thing you must consider when buying a new carpet.

To get the best results, you need to select carpets that are high quality, suitable for your needs, and durable enough for your lifestyle. These tips will help you to navigate your local carpet dealer's showroom so you can choose the right options for your home.

Know Your Material Needs

There's enough variation in carpet materials to fill a book, and no single article will turn you into an expert overnight. Instead, you should have a rough idea of what you're looking for in a carpet material. Is your material choice purely functional, or do you want the luxury that comes with high-end options like wool? Are you concerned about durability?

Nylon is often the best option for highly durable and long-lasting carpets, while polyester fabrics typically offer better stain resistance. There are trade-offs with any material (including cost), so you'll need to have a good idea of what's critical for your home. You may also be able to offset some of the disadvantages of your chosen material by choosing a higher grade of carpet in the same fabric.

Recognize the Signs of Quality

Like any other product, you can purchase carpets that range from affordable and budget-friendly to lavish and luxurious. If you feel somewhere between these two extremes, you're likely looking for a quality carpet that won't break the bank. Fortunately, you don't have to guess blindly at a carpet's quality.

When you're considering your options, always look for a carpet's density rating. This value tells you how tightly packed together the fabrics are. Denser carpets will almost always offer better durability and longevity than lower-density counterparts. Face weight and tuft twist are two more properties that can clue you into a carpet's quality, but the density should always be the first value you consider.

Don't Compromise

Carpet is a long-term investment in your home. Whether you're redoing the floors throughout your house or in a single room, the decisions you make will affect your home's livability and resale value. Selecting a color that you enjoy is crucial, but don't compromise on material or quality. More than anything, these two factors will ensure you can enjoy your new carpet for years to come. Find a carpet dealer near you, like Floorco Flooring, today.