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Compare Cost, Style, And Color When Choosing New Carpet For Your Home

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Choosing carpet for your home takes a lot of consideration since you'll want carpet that's attractive and that fits your lifestyle and budget. Visit a carpet store a few times before making your decision so you have an idea of what's available in carpeting and how much it costs. Here are some things to compare when shopping for new carpet.

The Cost

Prices for carpeting vary quite a bit, depending on the quality of carpeting you want to buy. Take measurements of your rooms before you go to the carpet store so it's easier to compare prices. Carpet is sold by the square foot, so if you measure your rooms and calculate the square footage of each room, you'll be able to calculate the carpet cost for each room.

This could be important if you're trying to save money but want high-quality carpet in your master bedroom or family room. You might be willing to choose budget carpeting for a guest room that rarely gets used or for a toddler's room so you'll have more money to spend on quality carpet for other rooms.

In addition to the cost of the carpet, also check the cost for installation. Carpet is sometimes priced according to square footage installed. You may also want to talk to the carpet store representative about additional costs to expect so you can adjust your carpet choices and budget accordingly.

The Type Of Carpet

Consider your lifestyle when choosing carpet too. If you have pets, you may not want looped carpet that can catch toenails. If you have small kids, you may want a carpet, at least in the family room and their bedrooms, with a low pile so they can play on the floor easier and so the carpet is easy to keep clean.

The Carpet Color

You might want different types of carpet and different colors for various rooms in your house. Or you might want every room to have the same carpet for a uniform appearance. Choosing the color is a big decision since light colors show dirt easier, but you may think dark colors look dreary.

Also, consider how well the carpet matches your furniture. If you have quality furniture and you don't plan to replace it soon, then you'll want carpet that matches the rest of your home. The carpet store may even have samples you can take home to hold against your sofa to test it for a good match.

You can even find a carpet visualizer tool online if your carpet store doesn't provide one. This allows you to upload a photo of a room and then add various types of carpet so you can see how a certain color and carpet style would look in the room before you buy it.