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What Type Of Carpet Is Most Durable?

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While they don't have the shine of hardwood flooring, carpet flooring is comfortable, decorative, and also incredibly durable, depending on what type you get. If you've got a big family or a lot of company (or maybe just an spill-prone husband), choosing the right type of carpet flooring installation that will be able to stand up to abuse is important. Here are some of the most common types of carpeting that are known for their durability.


Shag carpet was totally "in" during the 70's and 80's, but unfortunately, it was also a bear to clean and even more impossible to maintain a healthy appearance. Low-pile is called such because the "stems" that make up the vertical appearance of carpet are lower to the ground, making them less prone to tearing and ripping during everyday usage. This makes them great for hallways and bedrooms where there's a lot of shuffling.

Stain Resistant

As the name states, stain resistant carpet has been treated with a special type of chemical that make it nearly impervious to stains. It's not bulletproof - spill some grape juice directly on it and you'll see that, at least - but it's still much more resistant than the average carpeting. Stain resistant carpeting is ideal for living spaces where you plan on entertaining guests or letting young children eat a late night dinner that involves ketchup.

Carpet Squares

Containing both stain resistant technology and a low-pile setup, carpet squares are interlocking pieces that can be taken up to be cleaned individually and even replaced by other squares to create a truly custom look. These tend to run on the more expensive side, but they can also be placed on top of existing flooring for an added layer of protection. Play rooms are perfect places to lay carpet squares, whether you're trying to protect kids from hard floors or just want to be able to clean the area more easily.

Patterned Carpet

Sometimes, what matters most in determining a carpet's durability is not its capability to withstand daily abuse, but how it looks while it's doing so. Patterned carpets hide stains and deterioration so that you can't really tell from a casual glance how it's aging, which in turn, lengthens the life. This type of carpet flooring installation is perfect for high traffic areas that also remain mostly hidden, such as entryways or hallways. The type of pattern you choose can make a big difference to how it looks over time.