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Picking Out The Best Wood Flooring For Your Home: Options To Consider

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For a long time, wood flooring has been one of the most preferred types of flooring in residential properties. With excellent longevity potential and a lot of options available, it is obvious why. Here is a look at some of the options you will be faced with when choosing wood flooring for your home. 

What kind of stain or color do you want?

Of all of the different options you will face when you choose wood flooring for your home, the actual color or stain you choose will be one of the most pertinent to the overall design. Certain types of wood are going to give you different hues naturally, but most wood flooring is oak or pine and stained to mimic shades of different types of wood. For instance, you may choose pine wood flooring with a dark walnut finish.

Do you like a glossy, matte, or natural finish?

The particular finish you choose for the wood floor can make a lot of difference in its overall finished look as well. You usually have three options: glossy, matte, or natural. Of course, a glossy finish is going to give you that high-shine flooring that is associated with traditional wood flooring. Matte offers a slight satin sheen and natural is not really shiny at all and looks a lot like natural wood. 

Would you prefer narrow or broader wood pieces?

For many years, narrow wood floor planks have been the most common type of wood flooring. However, you can find wider planks just the same, and these can create a more unique appeal in your home. Wider planks can produce a more vintage look, but it can also draw the visual attention to the floor, so if you are going for a wood floor that will be a major design element, wider planks are a good choice.

Do you like distressed features or other attributes for more character?

The majority of people do go with wood flooring that appears to be brand new, freshly cut from a sawmill. However, if you are looking for wood flooring that has a bit more character or flair, you may want pieces that have a distressed finish or certain attributes. For example, distressed wood flooring looks good in a vintage or rustic home, and something like burned wood flooring can really bring out a unique look. Likewise, using salvaged wood flooring or lumber to create wood flooring are two popular ideas.

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